What does *$ mean?


Ever wondered what the symbol *$ means in a text message? It’s a cool, coded way that hipsters use to talk about Starbucks. The symbol brings together an asterisk (*) and a dollar sign ($), cleverly symbolizing ‘Star’ and ‘Bucks’.

So, when you see *$, think Starbucks! It’s usually used in texts or online chats by someone who loves Starbucks. Like a friend who can’t get enough of their coffee may use *$ to suggest meeting up there.

For instance, your buddy who can’t start their day without a Pumpkin Spice Latte might drop a message like, “Hey, want to grab a PSL at our local *$?” Now you know they’re inviting you for a coffee run at Starbucks.

Example for using ‘*$’ in a conversation

Hey, wanna grab a coffee later?

Sure! *$?

Definitely! I could use a PSL right now.

Great! Meet you at our local sbux in 15?