What does 1Q mean in sports and business?

First quarter

When you see ‘1Q’ pop up in a sports context, like a tweet or a text, it’s referring to the first quarter of a game. This is common in sports that have four quarters, like football or basketball. So if your buddy, Mike, messages you saying, “That was an epic slam dunk in the 1Q!”, he’s talking about a play that occurred in the first quarter of the game.

‘1Q’ is a term that you’ll often find being used by excited sports fans on Twitter. They might use it to react to a mind-blowing play that happened in the first quarter or to break down how a player or team did in that quarter. But, Twitter isn’t the only place you’ll run into ‘1Q’. It could pop up on TikTok, Facebook, or even in your personal texts or online messages.

Aside from sports, ‘1Q’ can also be found in a different context – the business world. Here, it typically refers to the first quarter of the fiscal year. Although, in this scenario, you’ll more commonly see it written as ‘Q1’.

Example for using ‘1Q’ in a conversation

Did you see that amazing touchdown (TD) catch in the 1Q?!? 🏈

Yeah, it was insane! The team really brought their A-game in the first quarter. ⚑️

I know, right?! The 1Q was so intense! Can’t wait to see what happens next! πŸ˜†

Definitely! Let’s hope they keep up the momentum throughout the game. Go team! πŸ™Œ