What does 1up mean in gaming?

Additional life

In the gaming world, 1up usually refers to getting an extra life. This phrase is particularly popular among fans of the iconic video game, Mega Mushroom Bros. When a player grabs a green mushroom, you’ll see 1UP flash across the screen, signaling they’ve scored a bonus life.

However, 1up has another, less-known meaning, especially among retro gamers. Back in the day, when multi-player pinball and arcade machines were all the rage, 1Up and 2Up would light up on the screen. This was to notify players whose turn it was next. So, in some contexts, 1Up could mean “Player 1, it’s your turn.”

Example for using ‘1up’ in a conversation

Hey, wanna play some Mario Kart later? 🎮

Sure, but I’m not that good. 🙈

No worries, we’ll have fun! Just remember to grab the green mushrooms for a 1up. 🍄

Got it! So, 1up means an extra life, right? 🤔