What does 2 mean in text messages and online slang?


Often, you’ll find people using 2 as a stand-in for the words ‘to’ and ‘too.’ A buddy might drop you a line saying, “Are you coming 2 Sarah’s party 2?”

This form of shorthand is particularly popular in online chats and social media conversations. For instance, your sister could send you a text saying, “Running late 2 pick u up.” Or you may notice someone posting on Twitter, “Can’t wait 2 be on vacation next week!”

Replacing ‘to’ and ‘too’ with 2 is also seen in abbreviations and short forms. Abbreviations like G2G (Got to Go), 2day (Today), 2H2H (Too Hot to Handle), or 2l8 (Too Late) are clear examples of this trend.

Example for using ‘2’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free 2 hang out later?

Yeah, I’m down! What time 2 meet?

Let’s meet at the park 2! It’s a nice day.

Sounds good! See you there 2.