What does 3Q mean in sports and business?

Third quarter

In the world of sports, “3Q” is a common slang term used to describe the third quarter of a game. This could be a basketball, football, or any other sport that is divided into quarters. So, if LeBron James is having a fantastic performance in the third quarter, you might see a post like, “LeBron is on fire in the 3Q!”

This term is not limited to any specific social media platform. You will find 3Q being used on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and even in text messages or informal sports articles. It’s a quick and easy way to refer to a specific part of a game, especially when live-tweeting or commenting on a match.

But 3Q isn’t just a sports term. In business, it can also refer to the third quarter of a fiscal year. However, in this context, you’re more likely to come across Q3 as the preferred term. Regardless of where you see it, 3Q is all about the third quarter, whether it’s on the basketball court or the financial year.

Example for using ‘3Q’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the game last night?

Yeah, I caught the highlights. Ja Morant went off in the 3Q! πŸ€

No way! I missed that part. What did he do?

He scored like 15 points and had some insane dunks. It was crazy! πŸ”₯