What does 404 mean?

404 signifies ‘Page not found’

Those who are into technology might recognize ‘404’ as an Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) error code. This error pops up when you’re trying to access a webpage that doesn’t exist anymore or if the page’s URL has been altered.

Interestingly, this tech jargon has found its way into our everyday language and is used informally as slang. When someone uses ‘404’ in a conversation, they’re saying they don’t have the information you’re asking for.

Let’s say you ask your buddy, Jack, what he thinks about your new boyfriend. If Jack replies with ‘404’, he’s essentially saying he doesn’t want to give his opinion on the matter.

Example for using ‘404’ in a conversation

Hey, have you watched the latest episode of that show everyone’s talking about?


Haha, okay. I guess you’re not into it.