What does 4got mean?

‘4got’ means ‘Forgot’

Ever seen the term 4got in a text or chat and wondered what it means? It’s a clever way that the cool crowd uses to say “forgot.” They swap out the word “for” with the number “4,” which is a quick way to shorten the word when typing.

Often, you’ll see 4got pop up in messages when someone realizes they’ve not done something they were supposed to. It’s a quick and easy way to say, “Oops, I forgot.”

Let’s just hope that whatever they 4got to do wasn’t too important because forgetting something major could lead to problems!

Example for using ‘4got’ in a conversation

Hey, did you remember to buy milk?

Oops, 4got! πŸ˜… I’ll get it on my way home.

No worries, just making sure. Thanks! πŸ₯›

No problem! Anything else I shouldn’t 4get? πŸ›’