What does Accountant mean?

A pretend job title

When people say they’re an ‘accountant‘, they might not be talking about crunching numbers and balancing books. In the world of social media slang, ‘accountant’ can be a code word for a job that someone wants to keep under wraps. It’s a way of avoiding awkward questions or judgment about what they really do for a living.

There’s nothing wrong with being an accountant in the traditional sense. It’s a respected profession, yet it might not be the most exciting job to talk about. When someone says they’re an accountant, it doesn’t often spark further questions – maybe because of its reputation as a bit dull, or because people aren’t sure what accountants actually do.

So, what kind of jobs might someone be hiding behind the ‘accountant’ cover? It could be anything from being a struggling artist to working in a circus or trying to make it as a social media influencer. It’s also used by some sex workers as a discreet way to talk about their work.

This use of ‘accountant’ gained popularity on TikTok, thanks to a video by a user named Joe Public. He’s a struggling actor who found it easier to tell people he was an accountant than to explain his real job. His video struck a chord, and ‘accounting’ quickly became a convenient excuse for people not wanting to disclose their true professions.

Example for using ‘Accountant’ in a conversation

Hey! What do you do for a living?

I’m an accountant. 🧮

Oh, really? That’s cool.