What does Ace mean in golf?

One shot success

In the game of golf, an ‘Ace’ is a term that represents a hole-in-one. It’s when a golfer manages to sink the ball into the hole in a single shot right from the tee.

It’s quite an impressive feat to achieve an ‘Ace’ as the tee is often several hundred yards away from the hole. It’s not something you see every day.

There are times when players manage to score an ‘Ace’ during major tournaments. There are even competitions where the grand prize goes to the player who can record an ‘Ace’.

Once a player hits an ‘Ace’, it’s a common custom for them to buy everyone back at the clubhouse a round of drinks. It’s a fun tradition that adds to the excitement of scoring this rare shot.

Example for using ‘Ace’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, guess what? I got an ace in golf today!

Person 2: Wow, that’s amazing! What’s an ace?

Person 1: An ace is when you hit the ball from the tee and it goes straight into the hole in one shot.

Person 2: Oh, I see! That’s really impressive. It must be quite rare to achieve that.

Person 1: Yeah, it is! It’s considered a great accomplishment in golf. And tradition says the person who gets an ace buys drinks for everyone at the clubhouse.

Person 2: That’s a cool tradition! Congrats on your ace, you’re awesome!