What does ADP mean in fantasy sports?

Average draft position

ADP stands for Average Draft Position in fantasy sports, especially fantasy football. It’s a measure of how much a player is valued, based on mock drafts and real drafts.

Fantasy Football owners use the ADP as a guide when choosing players to draft. It gives them an idea of how other owners are valuing the available players. This helps in deciding what positions to select and when to complete their rosters.

The ADP of a player can vary based on several factors. These include the position the player is in, the strategy of their real-world team, their age, and the specific Fantasy Football League they are being drafted into.

Example for using ‘ADP’ in a conversation

Hey, have you checked out the ADP for the fantasy football draft?

No, not yet. Does it really matter?

Yeah, it gives you an idea of which players are valued more. Helps in deciding who to pick and when.

Oh, got it. I’ll check it out then. Thanks!