What does Adrod mean?


Adrod is a term used by TikTokers to refer to the Android operating system. It’s a name that came about due to the Adrod 13 Installer trend where users would post videos pretending to “brick” their phones using a fake app named Adrod 13 Installer.

This trend kicked off when an app called Adrod 13 Installer was made available online, just after Google launched Android 13. The app made claims that it could install Android 13 on devices. But in reality, hitting the INSTALL ADROD button in the app would present the user with a message stating their “system has been destroyed” and “bro ur phone has been bricked.”

But rest assured, the Adrod 13 Installer doesn’t actually harm any device. It simply displays the scary messages mentioned above. Users have the ability to close and delete the app whenever they wish. Even though, it’s still recommended not to install or use the Adrod 13 Installer.

Despite these warnings, many TikTokers decided to download and use the app. This resulted in a wave of Adrod 13-related videos, where users acted as if they’d messed up their Android devices.

Example for using ‘Adrod’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about this new slang term ‘Adrod’?

Yeah, it’s actually a nickname for Android!

Oh, really? How did it come about?

Well, there was this trend on TikTok where people pretended to brick their phones using a fake app called Adrod 13 Installer.