What does AFC stand for in American Football?

American Football Conference

In the world of American sports, AFC stands for Atlantic Football Conference. It’s an integral part of the NFL, the biggest and most followed sports organization in the United States. When you hear someone talking about the AFC, they’re referring to one half of the NFL.

The AFC, along with the NFC (National Football Conference), brings together all NFL teams. You can think of it like the AL (American League) and NL (National League) in Baseball. This conference is home to 16 out of the 32 football teams in the NFL, with the remaining teams making up the NFC.

The AFC was established back in 1970 and is divided into four parts: East, West, North, and South. Each of these divisions has a specific number of teams. The ultimate goal for any team in the AFC is to make it to the Super Bowl. This happens when they win the conference and get the chance to face off against the NFC champion in the playoffs.

Example for using ‘AFC’ in a conversation

Hey, did you catch the AFC game last night? 🏈

Yeah, I watched it! AFC always has some intense matchups. Who was playing?

It was the Kansas City Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs won and are heading to the Super Bowl!

Nice! So, they’ll be facing the NFC champion in the big game, right?