What does Afro mean?

A natural hairstyle that looks like a bush

Afro is a distinctive hairstyle that involves combing out curly or kinky hair to form a rounded, sphere-like shape. It’s a style often adopted by Black people, though it can also be worn by anyone with curly hair.

This hairstyle gets its name from the phrase “Afro-American,” which itself is derived from “African American.” It was popularized by the Black community in the 1960s, during significant social and political movements such as the American Civil Rights and Black Is Beautiful movements.

By the 1970s, the afro had become so popular that some Black people started to explore other hairstyles as the afro was seen as too mainstream. Despite this, the afro has stood the test of time and is still a popular choice today.

Nowadays, you’ll often see young Black men and women rocking the afro. They choose this style as a way to embrace their natural hair, without resorting to straightening or other methods of altering their hair’s natural shape and texture.

Example for using ‘Afro’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Lisa’s new hairstyle? It’s πŸ”₯!

No, what does it look like?

She’s rocking an Afro! It’s a natural, bush-like hairstyle. Her curls are all out and it looks amazing on her!

Oh, I think I know what you mean. Is it like a big, rounded shape?

Exactly! It’s like a sphere of curly hair. It’s a popular style among Black people, but anyone with curly hair can rock an Afro.

That’s cool! I’ve seen some people with Afros in old movies. Wasn’t it a big thing back in the day?

Yes, you’re right! In the 1960s,