What does Aggro mean?

Aggro means Aggressive

Aggro is a slang term that’s a quick way of saying aggressive. It’s a term that started in the gaming world to talk about those who play in a rapid, forceful way. For instance, a player of a game like Hearthstone might say they have an aggro deck, meaning they’ve got a lineup of cards designed to quickly end the game.

But it’s not just for gamers anymore. As more and more people start to understand gaming lingo, aggro has started to pop up in everyday language too. It’s even made its way onto social media, where you might see someone use it to describe someone else’s intense or angry behavior.

So if you see someone on a platform like Instagram getting heated, don’t be surprised if someone else tells them to stop “going aggro.” It’s just a fresh, fun way of telling someone to calm down a bit.

Example for using ‘Aggro’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new video game trailer?

Yeah, it looks intense! I love the aggro gameplay.

Totally! I’m all about those aggressive strategies.

Me too! It’s so satisfying to take down opponents quickly.