What does AIMB stand for?

As I mentioned before

AIMB is a handy slang that people use to circle back to an earlier idea or point they’ve made. It’s like a shortcut to say, “Remember what I mentioned before?”

It’s used a lot when giving instructions or trying to make a point in a discussion. For instance, if you’re directing someone to your house and they get lost, you might say “AIMB to the left turn I told you about.”

Or, if you’re in a debate and the other person seems to be missing your point, you could say “AIMB to what I said earlier about climate change.” It’s a quick way to recall previous information without repeating everything again.

So remember, next time you want to remind someone about a previous point or direction, just use AIMB. It’s quick, easy, and gets your point across effectively. Happy slang-ing!

Example for using ‘AIMB’ in a conversation

Hey, can you remind me what time we’re meeting tonight?

Sure! We’re meeting at 7 PM at the cafe near your place. AIMB.