What does AIME stand for?

As I mentioned earlier

When you’re having a conversation and want to bring up a point you’ve already made, you might use the acronym AIME. It’s a handy phrase often used in online chats and discussions. It’s similar in function to other acronyms like AISE and AIMB.

AIME is used to refer back to a statement or opinion you’ve mentioned before in the same conversation. It’s like saying “As I mentioned earlier” in a shortened, internet-friendly format. You’ll typically see it when someone is re-emphasizing a point or idea they’ve already brought up.

So, next time you see AIME in a text or online discussion, remember that it’s just someone repeating their earlier point. It’s an easy way to keep track of key ideas, even in a fast-paced chat.

Example for using ‘AIME’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the latest episode of that show?

Yeah, I did! The plot twist at the end was unexpected.

AIME, I totally agree! It caught me off guard too.

Right? I wasn’t expecting that character to turn out that way.