What does Alt mean in gaming?

Alternate character

When a player of a MOBA or MMORPG game says they’re going to play their alt, it simply means they’re switching to play a different character than their usual one. For instance, in a game like Dota 2, players often specialize in one hero but have others as their alts.

There are a number of reasons why a player might decide to use their alt. In an MMORPG, if a player’s usual character is a higher level than yours, they might switch to their alt to join you on a lower-level mission, keeping the game fun and challenging.

Players also use their alts to try out new ways of playing the game and to access more of what the game has to offer, like quests that are only available to certain class characters. So, the term alt is all about flexibility and exploration in gaming.

Example for using ‘Alt’ in a conversation

Hey, are you up for some League of Legends later? 🎮

Sure, I’ll join you! Just need a heads up, I might play my alt today. 🤔

No problem! I can switch to my alt too. Let’s have some fun trying different champions! 😄

Awesome! It’s always exciting to explore new playstyles. Looking forward to it! 🙌