What does AMAB stand for?

Assigned male at birth

AMAB is a term often used by the trans community, particularly by trans females, to indicate that they were born male. This term is crucial in expressing the process of transitioning from male to female.

It’s one of the many acronyms created by the LGBTQ community to define their identities, particularly useful in online communication. Some related acronyms include AFAB, SAAB, DSAB, MTF, and M2F.

You may encounter the term AMAB in different places such as forums dedicated to gender transitioning or on health forms where your biological sex needs to be specified. It’s an essential term that helps convey the complexities of gender identity.

Example for using ‘AMAB’ in a conversation

Hey, I’ve been learning a lot about gender identities lately. Did you know what AMAB means?

Yeah, it stands for “Assigned male at birth.” It’s a term used by trans people to describe their birth assignment.

Oh, got it! So, it’s like saying someone was assigned male when they were born?

Exactly! It helps trans people communicate their journey and experiences, especially when transitioning from male to female.