What does Amogus mean?

Amogus translates to Among Us

Amogus is a quirky term that originated from the popular video game called Among Us. It’s often found in memes related to the game, and some players even use it as a nickname for the game itself.

The term gained popularity in January 2021, when a user on the social media platform Reddit, known as u/JohnDoe, posted a meme that made fun of a webcomic artist named StoneToss. This meme, which was a modified version of one of StoneToss’s own comics, included a character from Among Us (called a Crewmate) and the word Amogus.

The meme created by u/JohnDoe became viral, inspiring other people to create and share their own Amogus memes. These memes are especially popular in subreddits that focus on ironic humor, and they even have their own dedicated subreddit, r/amogus.

So, in a nutshell, the term Amogus is a fun and playful way to refer to the Among Us game, and it’s a favorite among meme creators and fans across the internet.

Example for using ‘Amogus’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the new Amogus meme?

Yeah, it’s everywhere! What does Amogus even mean?

Amogus is just a funny way of saying Among Us. It started as a meme on Reddit.

Ah, got it! So, Amogus is like a nickname for Among Us?