Annie Oakley

What does Annie Oakley mean in Baseball?

‘Annie Oakley’ is slang for ‘Free pass’

Annie Oakley is a term rooted in baseball jargon. It’s used to represent a free pass, which could be anything from a free ticket to a baseball game to a base on balls (BB).

The phrase derives its meaning from a famous sharpshooter known as Annie Oakley who lived during the late 19th century. Her exceptional skill of shooting holes in small cards is the inspiration behind the term.

These small cards with holes punched in them resemble tickets used for events, such as a baseball match or a theater show. As a result, the term Annie Oakley is often associated with free tickets to such events.

Interestingly, this term is also used to refer to a BB in baseball. A BB, also known as a base on balls or a walk, is considered a “free ticket” to the first base. Hence, when a player gets a BB, it’s sometimes said that they’ve received an Annie Oakley.

Example for using ‘Annie Oakley’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the game tomorrow?

Yeah, I got an Annie Oakley for it!

Wow, that’s awesome! Enjoy the game!

Thanks! I’m so excited!