What does Anon mean?

Anon stands for Anonymous

If you’ve seen the term ‘Anon’ floating around online, it’s simply a shortened version of “anonymous.” It’s used when the identity of a person is unknown or hidden. This is common on forums and message boards, where users often choose to use screen names that keep their real identities a secret, making them ‘Anon.’

Interestingly, ‘Anon’ can also be used to refer to a member of the hacktivist group known as Anonymous. So, if you hear someone being referred to as an ‘Anon,’ it could mean they’re part of this group.

Back in the day, ‘Anon’ had a completely different meaning. It used to mean “soon” or “shortly”. Unfortunately, this meaning of ‘Anon’ has fallen out of use and is rarely used in today’s language.

Example for using ‘Anon’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the new hacker group?

Yeah, you mean Anonymous, right? They’re called Anon for short.

Exactly! They’re known for their cyber activism.

I’ve seen some of their posts on forums. They always go by Anon.