What does AO mean in Baseball?

Fly outs

AO is a term used in baseball statistics. This term is used to count the total number of fly balls that are hit by the opposing team’s batters and then caught out. It’s a simple way to track how many outs a team gets from fly balls.

However, this term does not include line drives. Line drives are a type of baseball hit that is different from fly balls. They are hit harder and usually travel in a straight line, whereas fly balls are hit high into the air.

AO is similar to the SF statistic in baseball. SF stands for Sacrifice Fly. This is when a batter hits a fly ball to get an out, but it allows a runner to score. Both AO and SF are ways to measure the performance of batters and fielders in the game of baseball.

Example for using ‘AO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the game last night?

Yeah, it was intense! The pitcher had so many AO’s!

I know, right? He was on fire!

Definitely! Those fly outs saved the day!