Apple Sheep

What does Apple Sheep mean?

Fans who follow Apple without questioning

When someone uses the phrase “Apple Sheep”, they are usually poking fun at fans of Apple products. The term suggests that these people are being fooled into believing that Apple’s electronics and software are superior, and are paying more than they need to for them.

People who use this term imagine Apple fans as blindly loyal customers. They picture them queuing for hours to get the latest iPhone, paying for everything with Apple Pay, and ignoring any flaws in Apple’s marketing or products. According to these critics, Apple Sheep are completely taken in by Apple’s “think different” marketing strategy and won’t even consider using products from different brands.

However, the truth is that many Apple fans genuinely enjoy the features that Apple products offer. They may have complaints about other companies’ products and users. Despite this, critics believe there is no legitimate reason to prefer Apple’s products, unless you are an Apple Sheep.

Example for using ‘Apple Sheep’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new iPhone that just came out?

Yeah, I heard about it. Are you thinking of getting one?

Nah, I’m not really into Apple products. I prefer Android.

Ah, got it. So I guess you’re not an Apple sheep then? πŸ˜„