What does ARF stand for?

Acute renal failure

ARF is a medical slang that signifies a sudden loss of the ability of the kidneys to do their job. This usually happens when the kidneys are unable to clean waste products from the blood.

When this happens, harmful waste begins to build up in the body, which can cause the chemical balance of the blood to go haywire. This condition is what is referred to as ARF.

One important thing to note about ARF is that it’s often reversible, which means there’s a chance for the kidneys to regain their normal function. However, if the condition is not reversed, it can pave the way for chronic renal failure or chronic kidney disease.

Example for using ‘ARF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about John?

No, what happened?

He was rushed to the hospital yesterday. They said he has ARF.

ARF? What’s that?

It stands for Acute Renal Failure. It’s when your kidneys suddenly stop working properly.

Oh no, that sounds serious. Is it treatable?

Yes, it can sometimes be reversed, but if it’s irreversible, it can lead to chronic kidney disease.