Arm Day

What does Arm Day mean?

Exercise day focused on arms

When you hear the term ‘Arm Day’, it’s referring to a specific type of workout. Primarily used in the fitness world, Arm Day is a day dedicated to exercising the arm muscles, including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, and chest muscles. Examples of arm day exercises might include barbell bicep curls, cable triceps pushdowns, and dumbbell preacher curls.

This term isn’t just limited to the gym though. Social media users often use ‘Arm Day’ to brag about their arm workouts or to poke fun at those who neglect to work out their arms. The phrase has been used in this context since the 2010s and has even found its way into everyday online conversation, often used in a joking or sarcastic manner.

So, when you spot ‘Arm Day’ in a post or a comment, it’s likely referring to either a serious gym workout focused on the arms, or it’s being used humorously to comment on someone’s lack of upper body strength. Either way, it’s a term that’s firmly rooted in fitness culture and online communication.

Example for using ‘Arm Day’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hit the gym today?

Yeah, it was Arm Day for me!

Nice! What exercises did you do?

I focused on bicep curls and triceps pushdowns.