What does ASAP stand for?

As soon as possible

ASAP stands for as soon as possible. This acronym is often used when there’s a sense of urgency or when something needs to be done quickly. It’s a common phrase in both written and spoken communication, especially when time is of the essence.

When you want to stress on the importance of time in a situation, you can use the term ASAP. It’s a quick way to express that you want something done right away.

People usually pronounce ASAP in two main ways: “A.S.A.P.” or “A-sap”. Both pronunciations are correct and understood by most people.

Example for using ‘ASAP’ in a conversation

Hey, can you send me that file ASAP? πŸ“

Sure thing! I’ll send it right away. ⏩

Thanks, I need it for the meeting in an hour! ⏰

No problem, I’ll make it a priority! πŸ‘