At Home

What does At Home mean?

An inferior version of something

When people use the phrase “we have X at home,” they’re essentially saying that something is a lesser version of something else. This phrase is rooted in the popular “we have food at home” meme, where parents would often bypass a restaurant, claiming they already had food at home, which was usually not as good as the restaurant food.

The phrase gained more popularity after an Instagram user, let’s call him @johnDoe, shared a meme in 2019. The meme depicted the “food at home” as a brown banana in tomato sauce, topped with cereal. This hilarious and unappetizing image sparked a trend. Now, people use “we have X at home” to describe any item that is similar but inferior to another item, not just food.

So, if you stumble upon an item that’s not as good as what you already have, you can say, “this is the X at home,” or “we have X at home.” Savvy internet users and social media enthusiasts will understand that you are comparing the new item unfavorably to the old one.

Example for using ‘At Home’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the new superhero movie?

Yeah, I watched it. It was alright, but the special effects were kinda weak.

Oh really? So it’s like ‘Avengers at home’?

Haha, exactly! It’s like a budget version of the Avengers.