What does ATM mean in texting?

At the moment

When you’re chatting with friends or playing online games, you might come across the term “ATM”. This doesn’t always refer to an “automated teller machine”. Instead, in this context, it usually stands for “at the moment”. This is a popular way to give a quick update on your current status. Let’s say a friend, Amy, asks if you’re free for a movie on Friday. You could reply, “Not sure ATM. Will let you know by evening.”

ATM is a frequent term in digital communications, especially in texting, online messages, and gaming circles. For instance, a fellow gamer, Bob, might ask if you’re ready to start a new quest. Your response could be, “Busy with another quest ATM. Will ping you once it’s done.” Or maybe a friend, Charlie, checks in on your health online. You could respond, “Feeling under the weather ATM. Got a nasty flu.”

Of course, the classic meaning of ATM as an “automated teller machine” is still in use. This meaning typically pops up in conversations around money-related topics. For example, if someone says, “I need to stop by the ATM to withdraw some cash,” they’re referring to the machine, not the moment.

Example for using ‘ATM’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to hang out later?

I’m not sure atm. I’ll let you know tonight. πŸ€”