What does Attn mean?


“Attn” is a shortened form used to grab the attention of the reader or to direct a message to a certain person. You’ll mostly see it used in online conversations, emails, and on postal mail.

For instance, someone on Twitter might start their tweet with “Attn” followed by the handle of the person they want the message to reach. It’s also common to see “Attn” in an email subject line or at the start of a message to catch the reader’s eye.

In the physical world, “Attn” can be seen on letters or packages to guide them to the right recipients. If you want a letter to be delivered to “Jane Smith” at a company, you would write “Attn: Jane Smith” on the envelope above the company’s address.

Example for using ‘Attn’ in a conversation

Hey, Attn! Just wanted to let you know that the party is at my place tonight. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! πŸŽ‰

Oh, Attn, that sounds awesome! I’ll definitely be there. Can I bring some snacks too? πŸ•

Sure thing, Attn! That would be great. See you tonight! πŸ₯³

Attn, I’m running a bit late. Save me a spot on the dance floor, okay? πŸ’ƒ