Auction Draft

What does Auction Draft mean in fantasy sports?

An Auction Draft is when people in charge make offers on players.

In the world of fantasy sports, there’s a term called ‘Auction Draft’. This is a special kind of draft where team owners use bids to pick their players. This is different from the regular draft, and is often the choice for those who want to build their teams in a unique way.

There’s another method called the “Snake Draft” or “Serpentine Draft”. Here, the team that picks last in the first round gets to pick first in the second round. But in an Auction Draft, the game changes. Each team gets a certain amount of money (usually between $100 to $200) to bid on players and complete their team.

This Auction Draft is a hit among “Keeper Leagues”. Why? Because it gives the team owner the power to choose players, rather than relying on the random luck of draft position. So, if you’re into fantasy sports and love to play strategically, the Auction Draft could be a game-changer for you.

Example for using ‘Auction Draft’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the auction draft?

No, what’s that?

It’s a type of fantasy sports draft where owners bid on players to build their team.

Oh, so instead of just picking players, you have to bid on them?

Exactly! Each team has a budget, usually $100 or $200, to bid on players and fill their roster.

That sounds interesting! Is it popular?

Yes, it’s quite popular, especially in keeper leagues. It gives owners more control over choosing their players.