What does AUT mean?

Are you there

Imagine a situation where you’ve sent a text to a friend, let’s call him Joe, and he’s not replying. It’s been hours and you’re starting to wonder if Joe is even seeing your messages. That’s when you might use the slang term “AUT”.

“AUT” is a quick way to check in with someone who hasn’t responded for a long time. It’s like saying “Are you there?” without typing out the whole question.

So, going back to Joe, if he’s still not replied, you might send him a message saying just “AUT”. If your message is urgent, you might not even wait for hours. After a few minutes with no response, you can send “AUT”.

But remember, not everyone knows what “AUT” means. It’s not as common as other slang terms. So if you send “AUT” to someone who’s not familiar with slang, they might be confused. Stick to using it with friends who are also into slang, or use a more well-known abbreviation like AYT. Or, to avoid confusion, you can type out the full question.

Example for using ‘AUT’ in a conversation

Hey, are you there? I need to talk to you about something important.


Thanks for responding. I wanted to ask if you’re free tomorrow evening. I was thinking we could catch up over dinner.

Sorry, I was busy earlier. Yeah, sure, I’m free tomorrow. What time?

Around 7 pm? Does that work for you?

Sounds good! See you tomorrow at 7 pm then.