What does Autobesity mean?

Big cars

Autobesity is a term that links the increase in size of automobiles to obesity in humans. The term is especially common in the United States, where large vehicles – such as SUVs and 4-door pickup trucks with sizeable cabs and beds – are preferred by drivers.

The term autobesity is a blend of “automobile” and “obesity”. It’s a way people express their concern about the increasing size of cars, trucks, and vans. However, it’s not clear who first used this term.

People who use the term autobesity are often expressing their frustrations with the space that these large vehicles take up on roads and in parking lots. They are also likely to be concerned about the increased pollution that these bigger vehicles produce.

Example for using ‘Autobesity’ in a conversation

Have you noticed the autobesity problem in our city?

Autobesity? What’s that?

It’s when the cars on the road are huge like those oversized SUVs and trucks. They take up so much space!

Oh, I see. Yeah, they do make parking a nightmare.