What does Avg mean in Baseball?

Batting average

In the world of baseball, Avg is a key term used frequently in statistics. It stands for a player or team’s batting average, showing how well they are hitting in the game.

Calculating this stat involves dividing the total number of hits by the total number of plate appearances. However, it’s worth noting that if a player walks, it does not contribute to the number of plate appearances.

The Avg stat is part of a prestigious trio along with HRs (home runs) and RBIs (runs batted in). Together, these form the Triple Crown, an award given to the player who leads his league in all three of these categories.

Example for using ‘Avg’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the game last night?

Yeah, I did! The team’s Avg was on fire!

I know, right? They were hitting the ball like crazy!

Totally! Their Avg is definitely going up this season.