What does AYTMTB stand for?

And you’re telling me this because

When you’re puzzling over why someone has imparted certain information to you, you can respond with “AYTMTB”, a slang abbreviation that translates to “and you’re telling me this because.” Essentially, it’s another way of asking, “Why are you sharing this with me?”

This slang is mostly used in online communications, like instant messaging or texting. It’s a quick way to express that the information seems irrelevant or unconnected to you. Take this scenario for instance: if your old girlfriend messages you out of the blue to tell you she’s ended things with her new boyfriend, your reply might simply be AYTMTB.

Example for using ‘AYTMTB’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just won a free trip to Hawaii!

AYTMTB. Why are you telling me this?

I thought you’d be happy for me.

No, I mean, why are you telling me this out of the blue?