What does BAC stand for?

Bad a** chick

BAC is a short form often used to refer to a strong, independent woman. This slang is quite similar to BA, but it tends to be more specific to women.

It’s a term of respect and admiration, used to compliment a woman who exudes a certain tough, rebellious spirit. You might hear it used to describe someone who loves leather jackets, black outfits, motorcycles, or has a few tattoos.

So next time you meet a woman who seems fearless, doesn’t conform to societal norms, and maybe even sports a badass tattoo, you’ll know exactly what slang to use. Just say, “She’s totally BAC.”

Example for using ‘BAC’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Lisa lately? She got a new tattoo!

Oh, really? She’s such a BAC! 🀘🏻

Totally! She’s always rocking her motorcycle gear, too.

Yeah, she’s a badass chick for sure. πŸ–€