Back-door Putt

What does Back-door Putt mean in Golf?

A putt that goes around the edge of the hole before falling in

A ‘Back-door Putt’ happens when a golf putt spins around the edge of the hole and falls in from the back. This is usually when a putt is slightly off-center and a bit too fast.

This kind of putt is one of the most exciting moments in golf. It gives a roller coaster of emotions for both the player and the spectators. Just when it seems like the ball is going to miss, it falls in the hole.

It’s not the same as a putt that’s “afraid of the dark.” That’s a different term for a putt that looks like it doesn’t want to go into the hole at all.

Example for using ‘Back-door Putt’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that putt at the golf tournament yesterday?

Yeah, that back-door putt was insane! It looked like it was going to miss, but then it spun around and dropped in!

I know, right? It had me on the edge of my seat! Such a nail-biter.

Definitely! It’s those unexpected moments that make golf so exciting.