Backdoor Brag

What does Backdoor Brag mean?

A move designed to get others to admire you

A backdoor brag is a sneaky way people use to get praise or admiration from others. It’s usually a statement or a post on social media about something they’ve done. The goal? To impress and get a positive response.

For instance, your friend might tell you how well his newly acquired bike is running, adding that it was in a terrible state when he got it. Or your sister might comment on how tasty the pasta she made is, highlighting the extra spices she added. These are examples of backdoor brags.

This kind of bragging is common on social media, especially among influencers. A fitness influencer, for example, might share a picture of an amazing meal they’ve prepared, along with a caption about how they managed to make it while also taking care of three dogs.

The term backdoor brag is pretty much the same as a humblebrag. It’s called ‘backdoor’ because it’s a subtle, indirect way of bragging about oneself. It can be used as a verb too, like when someone is said to be backdoor bragging.

Example for using ‘Backdoor Brag’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Sarah’s new Instagram post?

Yeah, she’s always showing off her fancy vacations and expensive clothes.

I know, right? It’s like she’s always trying to make everyone jealous.

Definitely, she’s the queen of backdoor brags.