Bases Juiced

What does Bases Juiced mean in Baseball?

Runners occupying all three bases

When it comes to baseball slang, ‘Bases Juiced’ is a term you might hear often. It’s used when all the bases in a baseball game are occupied by a player. This situation is a golden opportunity for the player at bat, as it could lead to a grand slam if they hit a home run (HR).

It’s a high-pressure moment in the game, where the batting team has a chance to dramatically increase their score. The term ‘Bases Juiced’ adds a bit of excitement and anticipation to the situation. It’s like saying the bases are “supercharged” and ready for a big play.

Also, this scenario is commonly referred to as “bases are juiced” or “bases loaded”. So, next time you watch a baseball game and hear any of these phrases, you’ll know exactly what’s happening on the field!

Example for using ‘Bases Juiced’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game last night?

Yeah, it was crazy! Bases juiced in the 9th inning!

I know, I couldn’t believe it. The tension was high!

And then, boom! Grand slam! Game over!