What does Bday mean?


Bday is a popular shortened version of the word “birthday”, generally used in text messaging or online conversations. For instance, you might send a friend a message saying, “Happy bday! Hope you’re having a fantastic day! Lots of love!”

This slang term is also prevalent on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. For example, a pal might write on your Facebook page, “Enjoy your bday! Grateful for your presence in my life!”

It’s worth noting that Bday is just one of a number of acronyms and abbreviations linked to the word ‘birthday’. Others include b-day, bd, HB2U, and HLBD.

Example for using ‘Bday’ in a conversation

Hey! Just wanted to remind you that it’s my bday tomorrow!

Oh, really? Happy bday in advance! Any plans?

Thanks! Nothing big, just going out for dinner with a few friends.

Sounds fun! I’ll make sure to wish you on your bday. Have a great one!