What does Bearish mean?

Expecting things to go bad

When someone says they are ‘Bearish’, it means they have a negative or not-so-optimistic viewpoint. This term is often used in two main areas: the world of finance and the world of fantasy sports.

In the finance world, investors use ‘Bearish’ when they believe a stock’s price is going to drop. So, if they feel that a certain stock isn’t going to do well, they are bearish on that stock. On the other hand, if they think that a stock has a bright future and its price will rise, they’re said to be bullish on it.

Similarly, in fantasy sports like football, baseball, or basketball, team owners use ‘Bearish’ to describe a player or team they think won’t perform well. If they have a negative outlook on a player or team’s performance, they’re bearish on them. But, if they believe in a player or team’s potential and expect good performance, they’re bullish on them.

Example for using ‘Bearish’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the stock market today? It’s looking really bearish 🐻

Yeah, I noticed. It seems like the prices are going down. Negative outlook for sure.