Beast Mode

What does Beast Mode mean in gaming and sports?

Crushing it in a game

Beast Mode is a term used to talk about someone who is completely crushing it in a game or sport. This phrase is really popular in both the sports world and in video games. It’s used when a player is doing so well that they’re basically ruling over everyone else in the game.

Commentators love to use the term ‘Beast Mode’ during game highlights. They say it when a player pulls off an incredibly impressive move. It’s their way of saying that the player is doing an exceptional job and is outperforming all others.

You might have heard this phrase if you followed the career of a guy named Adrian Peterson, a retired running back for the Minnesota Vikings. His outstanding performance on the field often had people saying he was in ‘Beast Mode’.

Example for using ‘Beast Mode’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that game last night?

Yeah, it was insane! That player went into beast mode! 🐺

Totally! He was dominating the field. 🏈

I know, right? He made some incredible plays. πŸ”₯