What does Beefcake mean?

Someone with a lot of muscles

A beefcake is someone with a lot of big muscles. They’re often a bodybuilder, someone who spends a good chunk of their spare time working out at the gym. This term can be used for both genders, but it’s more commonly used for males.

The slang term ‘beefcake’ is often associated with people who pump iron regularly. It’s not just about having muscles, but having large and very noticeable ones. You’ll frequently hear it being used in gyms, fitness centers, or anywhere bodybuilding is a popular activity.

So, if you ever hear someone being referred to as a beefcake, you now know what it means. It’s all about muscles and the dedication to building them. It’s an informal and lighthearted way to acknowledge someone’s physique.

Example for using ‘Beefcake’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new guy at the gym? He’s so buff!

Oh yeah, you mean the beefcake with the massive muscles?

Exactly! He’s like a real-life superhero or something.

Haha, yeah. I wouldn’t mess with him, that’s for sure!