What does B&F stand for?

Back and forth

B&F is a popular slang term standing for “back and forth”. It’s commonly used when someone is stuck in a state of indecision and considering the advantages and disadvantages of a certain decision.

Imagine a situation where a colleague of yours, let’s say Mike, is contemplating whether to leave his job or not. He might say he’s going B&F on the decision, meaning he’s still trying to figure out if it’s the best move for him.

Another instance could be with your elderly neighbors, the Johnsons, who are debating whether to move to a smaller, easier-to-maintain property. They may express that they’re going B&F on the idea, showing they’re still weighing the pros and cons of it.

Example for using ‘B&F’ in a conversation

I’m really torn between going on vacation to the beach or going hiking in the mountains πŸ–οΈβ›°οΈ

Hmm, I understand. It can be a tough decision. You’re going B&F, huh? πŸ€”

Exactly! I love the ocean, but the mountains offer such amazing scenery. I can’t decide! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I get it. Going B&F is totally normal. Take your time and weigh the options. You’ll figure it out! ⏰