What does Bf mean?


Bf is an abbreviation commonly used for “boyfriend”. It’s often used to refer to a male in a romantic relationship, although it can also be used in the context of a close, non-romantic relationship. The counterpart for a female in a relationship is referred to as “gf”, short for “girlfriend”.

In the world of dating, especially in the Western world, becoming a bf to someone is a significant milestone. This happens when two people decide to be exclusive, meaning they are only romantically involved with each other.

If a relationship with a bf continues to strengthen and grow, it might lead to an engagement, where the bf is then referred to as a fiancé, and eventually marriage, where he is then called a husband.

There are certain expectations associated with being a bf. These may include planning dinner dates, gifting stuffed toys, candies, and flowers on Valentine’s Day, and giving a promise ring. A crucial part of being a bf is expressing love verbally. If a bf doesn’t say, “I love you,” at some point, the relationship might fail.

The term bf is extensively used by young people, especially when texting or chatting online. Adults use it too, but some might avoid it as they feel it sounds too young. But, because it’s such a universally recognized abbreviation, many use it despite their reservations.

Example for using ‘Bf’ in a conversation

Hey! How’s it going?

Not bad! Just hanging out with my bf. We’re watching a movie.

Nice! What movie are you guys watching?

We’re watching “Avengers: Endgame”. Have you seen it?

Yeah, I saw it with my gf. It was awesome!

That’s cool! I love superhero movies. My bf is a big fan too.

That’s great! Enjoy the movie and have a good time with your bf.

Thanks! I will. Catch up with you later!