What does BFF mean?

Best friends forever

BFF stands for “best friends forever”. This cool acronym is often used to describe your closest buddy, the one with whom you share an unbreakable bond. It’s a term that promises your friendship will stand the test of time.

You can use BFF both online and in real life conversations. Remember, this term is not to be thrown around lightly. It’s for that one special person who means the world to you – so think twice before you use it.

There may be times when people, like potential romantic interests, might try to wedge themselves between you and your BFF. However, the strength of a true BFF relationship should be able to outlast these temporary distractions. If it doesn’t, the specialness of the term loses its shine.

Example for using ‘BFF’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what?

What’s up?

I just found out that my BFF is moving to another city.

Oh no! That’s sad. You guys have been friends for so long.

Yeah, we’ve been BFFs since kindergarten. I’m really gonna miss her.

I can understand. BFFs are like family.

Definitely! It’s gonna be tough without her.