What does BFFAE stand for?

Best friends forever and ever

When your buddy drops the term BFFAE, they’re saying you’re “best friends forever and ever.” This acronym is a testament to a friendship that’s meant to outlast time itself.

It’s about that special someone who finds your sense of humor irresistible, even when no one else does. The one who’s always there, ready to stand up for you when the chips are down.

So, if someone tags you as their BFFAE, you can sleep easy. You’ve got a friend who’s committed to sticking by your side, come rain or shine.

Example for using ‘BFFAE’ in a conversation

Hey! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate our friendship. You’re my BFFAE! πŸ€—

Aww, thanks! You’re my BFFAE too! 😊

I’m so glad we’ll be best friends forever and ever. It’s a comforting thought. ❀️

Absolutely! Knowing we’ll always have each other’s backs makes life so much better. 🌟