What does BFFE stand for?

Best friends forever

BFFE is a term that signifies an unbreakable bond of friendship, often used to describe a friendship that surpasses all others. It’s a way of communicating that the friends involved are essentially non-romantic soulmates.

This slang is mainly used by young, often overexcited girls, typically in their tween or teen years. You’re likely to encounter it on the internet, notably on social media platforms, or in text messages. For instance, your adolescent cousin might send you a text saying, “OMG, you’ve got to meet my BFFE, Lisa! She’s simply the best!!!!!!”

There are a number of other slang terms that can be used to describe a best friend. These include BFF, bestie, day one, and BFFL.

Example for using ‘BFFE’ in a conversation

Hey! Guess what? I made a new friend today!

OMG, that’s awesome! Tell me more!

Her name is Sarah, and we instantly clicked. She’s my BFFE now! 🀩

That’s so cool! BFFEs are the best! πŸ’–