What does BFFLAB stand for?

Best friends for life and beyond

Ever wondered what BFFLAB stands for? It’s a term used by people who believe that friendship doesn’t end with life but carries on even after death. The acronym stands for “Best Friends For Life And Beyond“.

This slang term is popular among those who hold a belief in some form of post-death consciousness. If your pal refers to you as their BFFLAB, they are saying they want to remain your best friend not just for this life, but for whatever comes next as well.

However, if the idea of maintaining a friendship after death makes you uncomfortable, or if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in life after death, it might be a good idea to let your best friend know. Don’t worry, this shouldn’t affect your current friendship status, unless your mate takes their BFFLAB commitment very seriously.

Example for using ‘BFFLAB’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you know we’re officially BFFLABs now?

BFFLAB? What does that mean?

It stands for “Best friends for life and beyond.” It means we’ll be best friends forever, even after we die!

Wow, that’s deep! I’m honored to be your BFFLAB, and I promise to be there for you always!