What does BFTD stand for?

Best friends til death

BFTD is a slang term that’s used by those who see their best friendships as a long-term commitment. It stands for “best friends til death” and it’s a buddy-buddy phrase that’s used to show that they’d do anything for their friend.

When you see people using BFTD instead of the more common BFF (best friends forever), it’s because they want to put more weight on their relationship. They want to highlight that their friendship is not just for now, but until the very end.

Moreover, those who use BFTD might have a more realistic—or a bit of a downer—outlook on life. They understand that, like many things in life, friendships don’t last beyond death. So, if you see someone using BFTD, you know they’re serious about their best friend!

Example for using ‘BFTD’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that movie last night?

Yeah, it was so good! Definitely BFTD material. 😄

Totally! We always have the best taste in movies. BFTD, for sure! 🎥

Absolutely! We’ll be watching movies together forever. BFTD! 🍿