What does BFU mean?

Bezny Franta uzivatel

BFU is an acronym that originates from a Czech phrase “Bezny Franta uzivatel,” translated to English as “common Frank user.” It’s a term widely used in central Europe, often to describe individuals who are not tech-savvy or lack computer skills.

Primarily, BFU is deployed on the internet when people are pointing out others’ blunders or mistakes. It serves as a light-hearted way to call out someone for their lack of tech knowledge or common sense.

Examples of a typical BFU blunder might be someone using their phone’s camera to capture a screenshot of their desktop or trying to turn their computer on without connecting the power cord. These kinds of silly mistakes are what the term BFU encapsulates.

Example for using ‘BFU’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that post on social media? Someone shared a screenshot of their computer screen using their phone’s camera!

Haha, seriously? That’s such a BFU move! Who does that?

I know, right? It’s like they don’t know how to take a regular screenshot on their computer.

It’s definitely a classic BFU blunder. Some people really need to learn the basics!